Modbook Pro Solutions

The most powerful, portable Wacom Penabled workstation for creative users


2D / 3D Modbook Pro SolutionsThe Modbook Pro is the only Mac®-based tablet computer available — a portable creative workstation that can also run Microsoft® Windows® 7!

Imagine the Modbook Pro as the hub of a dynamic desktop setup, powering tablet displays like the Wacom® Cintiq® or Thunderbolt™ displays. Work right on the Modbook Pro with your pen, or on your Cintiq, or use the Modbook Pro as a standard computer with keyboard and mouse.

When you leave, simply unplug the Modbook Pro and take it with you — continue your work on the road, at home, anywhere you go.

Modbook Pro Editing SolutionsThe Wacom Penabled®, OS X®-driven, Windows-compatible Modbook Pro can be placed directly into your workflow — accelerating your creative endeavors even as it powers your productivity applications.

Let us develop a custom business solution that utilizes the power of the Modbook Pro to unleash the creativity and productivity of your enterprise.

Our team knows creative technologies inside out. We’ll consider your needs, apply the hardware and software solutions that work best for you, and deploy and support a setup that makes your business more creative and productive.

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Modbook Pro Bundles

If you are just getting started or looking to quickly add more seats for your new project, our Modbook Pro Bundles let you hit the ground running. You can fine-tune your Modbook Pro with a few clicks in our online configurator to get the setup you want, and receive it with your bundled software preinstalled — ready to go, right out of the box.


Modbook Pro & CS6 Premium Production


Modbook Pro & CS6 Master Collection


Modbook Pro & Media Composer 6.5

Modbook Pro + CS6 Premium Production Bundle   Modbook Pro + CS6 Master Collection Bundle   Modbook Pro + Avid Media Composer Bundle