Modbook Pro Digitizer Pen

For Modbook Pro and 1st. Gen. Modbook

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The Modbook Pro Digitizer Pen features Wacom's patented cordless, battery-free technology, in a sleek marble white body that contrasts nicely with the elegant black Modbook Pro chassis, and makes it easy to not lose sight of it.

+ Compatible with Modbook Pro (1024 Pressure Levels)
+ Compatible with 1st. Gen Modbook (512 Pressure Levels)
+ includes 3 types of spare pen tips, and pen tip removal tool

The Modbook Pro Digitizer Pen is guaranteed to be compatible with:
• the Modbook Pro, supporting 1024 pen pressure level
• the 1st. Gen. Modbook, supporting 512 pen pressure levels

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Regular Price: $79.99

Special Price: $69.99


The pen supports 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity (Modbook Pro; 512 levels with the 1st. Gen. Modbook) on the tip and eraser, and features a dual button rocker side switch that can be customized for two frequently-used shortcuts and modifiers.

When not used, the Digitizer Pen tucks conveniently away in the Modbook / Pro's built-in pen garage, securely held by a completely non-contact magnetic catch mechanism. This allows the forward two-third of the pen to be completely smooth and straight, with a soft curving transition toward the pen tip, providing pleasant gripping positions for every hand and technique.

Each Modbook Pro Digitizer Pen also includes a pack of pen tips, containing the following:

5 × Felt tip (Black)
3 × Pencil tip (White, factory installed)
3 × Studio tip (Grey, spring-powered)
1 × Pen tip removal tool