RAID Mini Drive [2x1TB SSD]

Let its "Guardian Angel" mode protect your digital assets.

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Modbook certified Solid-State Drive (SSD) solutions represent the best-in-class mobile storage drives. Using top-of-the-line NAND flash memory, SSDs provide up to 10x the throughput and up to 100x the data protection of top-rated enterprise class hard disk drives. With no moving parts and built into high quality, aircraft-grade aluminum enclosures, these rugged solutions stay cool and quiet, no matter the task.
2x 1TB

RAID Mini Drive [2x1TB SSD]

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This external RAID mini drive carries 2 drives, is bus-powered and requires no external power supply (through FireWire port only). Its silver anodized, fan-less, aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure provides superior heat management and maximum protection.

Featuring an LCD display for monitoring system performance and easy configuration, the RAID can be set to either maximum protection (RAID level 1) or maximum speed (RAID level 0).

Modbook will preconfigure every RAID to level 1, also referred to as the "Guardian Angel" mode. Everything written to the RAID will be duplicated one-the-fly and saved simultaneously to both drives. Because this process happens in real-time, two separate yet equal versions of all stored data exists on both drives, providing a 100% live backup, 24 hours a day, every day. In case of one drive's failure, the work can continue uninterrupted with the remaining drive. Rebuilding the system is a simple matter of swapping out the failed drive with its new replacement. The RAID will recognize the swap and mirror its data onto the new drive (simple push-button user interaction may be required).

When in RAID 0 or striping mode, the RAID splits each data segment in two and sends it to its two drives simultaneously, essentially doubling the performance of the single drive. However, because each drive holds only one half of every data segment, the failure of one of the drives will result in the complete loss of all data. Modbook therefore recommends the use of this mode only in applications where the data on the RAID is held ultra short term and temporary, for example when used as a scratch disk. RAID level 0 should never be used for any data that can not be easily replaced or that has already been savely archived elsewhere.

The drive's USB 3.0 and it's eSATA interface are powered by the industry leading Oxfford 3100 chipset. The USB 3.0 port is backwards compatible with USB 2.0, allowing you to shuttle data from pretty much every modern computer system.

The FireWire 800 port is powered by the industry standard Oxford 944 chipset, which is certified by most professional Audio/Video/Camera hardware and software manufacturers for high-end media production. When connected to this port, the RAID can be operated bus-powered, eliminating the need for wall power.

In addition to the FireWire, USB 3.0 and eSATA ports each mini drive features a DC input on the rear panel, allowing for the use of the included power adapter.

Note: The use a DC power adapter is required when using the USB 3.0 or eSATA port, and its need could also arise, if for example the mini drive were to be connected not directly to the host computer, but further down in a chain of devices, which in turn might already be using all the power supplied by the host computer's port.

What's in the box:

  • RAID mini drive
  • Configured for Maximum Protection (RAID level 0)
  • Mac OS X formatted (HFS+ Journaled), ready to use
  • FireWire 800 cable
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • eSATA cable
  • 12V AC adapter
  • User guide